January 1, 1970

2018 Festival

2018 WCHFF

The inaugural Witch City Horror Film Festival (WCHFF) debuts at Cinema Salem on Saturday, October 27, 2018. For additional information on the inaugural Witch City Horror Film Festival, please visit our Facebook page.


Survival of the Film Freaks

“Survival of the Film Freaks is a documentary exploring the phenomenon of cult film in America and how it survives in the 21st Century. Through interviews and fan events, the documentary will trace decades of film fanaticism up to the present, where the ‘digital age’ has transformed the way we experience movies.”

Director: Bill Fulkerson, Kyle Kuchta (co-director)

Writer: Bill Fulkerson, Kyle Kuchta

Starring: Ted Raimi, Lloyd Kaufman, Adam Green

Long Lost

“When Seth receives a mysterious letter inviting him to spend the weekend at a secluded mansion in the country, he soon realizes the people inside the house may know him better than he knows himself.”

Director: Erik Bloomquist

Writer: Erik Bloomquist, Carson Bloomquist, Adam Weppler

Starring: Adam Weppler, Catherine Corcoran, Nicholas Tucci

Witch Hunt

“When a peaceful town is overrun by evil, an honest priest begins to struggle with his faith. Two ominous figures appear, igniting a path paved with the bones and blood of everything they touch.”

Director: Richard Chandler

Writer: Richard Chandler

Starring: Graham King, Tony Ramos-Wright, Lilith Astaroth, Richard Chandler, Carver Riot

Tabitha, Witch of the Order

“In modern-day Seattle, a rookie witch teams up with a grizzled priest to stop a coven of rogue witches and uncover the truth behind magic’s reemergence.”

Director: James Dailey

Writer: Arthur Rains-McNally, James Dailey

Starring: Eliza Jacobson, Ryan Sanders, Lowell Deo


“On Dani’s 30th birthday, after the text message break-up by her girl-friend, only one friend shows up to celebrate her making it over the hill. Beverages are imbibed, a candle is blown out, and boom! The lights go out. Drunk and concussed, Dani tries to find her way through the house; but something else is lurking in the darkness…”

Director: Steven Fox

Writer: Steven Fox

Story: Steven Fox, Logan Dorsey, Josh Michael Dorsey

Starring: Logan Dorsey, Jasmine Winfrey, Kacy Wilms, Jack Krause

Order of the Hanged

A young woman comes to Salem on Halloween in search of a mysterious order- but is she the hunter or the hunted?

Director: Luke St. Germaine

Writer: Luke St. Germaine

Starring: Sydney Amanuel, Joey Phoenix

Kill or Be Killed

“A teenage girl is taken captive by a stranger. She tries to escape but comes to the realization that she must stop him before he takes someone else…”

A film from the Desoto Arts Institute

Director: Robb Rokk

Writer: Robb Rokk

Starring: Sydney McKissack, Jesaiah Burnett

Hide in Sight

“A man is terrorized by an unfathomable creature. In an effort to escape, the distress only rises.”

Director: Keith Shorey

Writer: Keith Shorey

Starring: William Galatis, Neal Sanger

The Merciless Beauty

“Johnny works as a farmhand in the splendour of the English Lake District: he leads a life of solace and introspection, until the strange appearance of a mysterious and beautiful woman on the fell sides one day. Unsure if she’s a figment of his imagination or an actual physical being, Johnny succumbs to obsession nonetheless. A sensuous, timeless tale of love, infatuation, lust, and the all- consuming bittersweet melancholy of suffering and heartache, based on La Belle Dame Sans Merci by John Keats.”

Director: Michael Groom

Writer: Michael Groom, John Keats (based on La Belle Dame Sans Merci)

Starring: Daisy Hughes, Richard Riddell, James Speakman

The Legend of Holcomb Road

“It is late summer at the Clyde Family annual barbecue. Magee and her friends find the party to be less than exciting. Lindsay convinces the group a trip out to Holcomb road is just what is needed to liven up the night. After all, the road has played host to many parties, tales and legends. What better way to spend an evening than chasing ghosts and spirits! Leading the calls to the afterlife are Curtice and Brad  with the typical flashing of car lights and putting keys on the roof.”

What happens next is a series of events that leads the teens to a night of ultimate terror they will never forget.”

Director: Matt Erman

Writer: Virginia Shine

Starring: Mira Adkins, Makenna Weyburne, Victor Belikov, Cash Allen

Mirror Mirror: A Tale of Blood

“Two women decide to re-enact a centuries old incantation to call forth an Urban Legend who they believe murdered their sister… What happens next is a series of events that leads the teens to a night of ultimate terror they will never forget.”

Director: Rick Danford

Writer: Rick Danford

Starring: Diana Durango, Austin Janowsky, TeriEnna Blanco


“On the run and desperate, Carter’s parents hide out in a desolate cabin hoping the creature won’t find them — but it’s Carter who learns monsters don’t live under the bed.

Director: Douglas Sullivan

Writer: Douglas Sullivan

Starring: Matt O’Leary, Jessica Cook


“Set within the walls of an abandoned asylum, our version of the Tell-Tale Heart adds a whole new madness to the classic tale by Edgar Allan Poe. The environment becomes a character itself, with its dark past accenting the twisted story. In our adaptation, we take the audience through the rabbit hole and into the forgotten campus. As we wander the grounds, we suddenly find the narrator: a ghost of the asylum come to tell us why he ended up there. He flashes an unsettling grin as his confessional begins, told through the classic words of Poe’s tale.

Director: Ryan Cultrera

Writer: Ryan Cultrera

Starring: Alan White

Are You Awake

“We are most vulnerable whilst we sleep. The devil sits at the end of the bed.

Director: Helena Karadimos

Writer: Helena Karadimos

Starring: Roberto Williams, Chris Barry, Mark Wax, Pablo Milla


“A failing writer looses his grip on reality as his wife grows pregnant with their child…

Director: Charles A. Pieper

Writer: Charles A. Pieper

Starring: Amber Marie Bollinger, Charlie Pecoraro

Wayward Nature

“Three best friends; Robert, Rico, & Rebecca, are taking a trip to a music festival and decide to take a shortcut through the ghost town of Wayward. They run into some car trouble and realize they have no signal in this abandoned town. The boys set off to find signal to call for help while Rebecca insists on staying in the car. When the boys return, Rebecca is freaking out about a menacing entity she spotted in the woods that keeps getting closer and closer with every passing minute.

Director: Raymond Gerard Braza

Writer: Raymond Gerard Braza

Starring: Daniel Castro, Jaron Adams, Savannah Shaffer


“A music video thriller: A predator becomes prey as the Red Light Slasher looks to claim his sixth victim.

Director: Rob Maloof

Writer: Rob Maloof

Starring: Ashley Bain, Carley Chabot, Alex Winston